What other gourmet restaurant would open their doors, and caterer to your needs during hours when they are not normally open.

Imagine having a classy, elegant place to hold a chamber event, business luncheon, gala, municipal function, or any other large local event for your business, family, or organization. When you choose to have your private parties with Sam & Rosco’s, you are choosing one of Metro Atlanta’s most heralded fine dining establishments. Is your business in the west metro Atlanta area? Why hold your event in a downtown venue that everyone has to travel an hour or longer, through unpredictable daytime traffic, just to get to. Why not hold your corporate party at the very best local establishment, Sam and Rosco’s.

What other gourmet restaurant would consider opening their doors, and catering to your needs during hours when they are not normally open. Sam and Rosco have been known to open their doors for corporate functions on all sorts of days and hours they aren’t normally open, including your corporate lunch party! Sam and Rosco’s can host your next business lunch party, or your next organizational function. When you want an upscale luncheon or dinner for a larger party, Sam and Rosco’s has you covered! Call for a reservation, check out our lunch party menu options, or speak with someone about a customized menu at Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant in Douglasville, GA today!