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Italian Restaurants

Sure, chain-based Italian Restaurants can be a step-up from chain fast-food places. But for real, authentic, international cuisine made for real, authentic, international cuisine connoisseurs, look no further than Sam & Rosco’s Fine Dining on Douglas Boulevard. Once inside, you will find yourself immediately enchanted by the simple elegance and charm of this lovely West Georgia eatery.

As soon as you walk inside, you might immediately assume that getting a table would be impossible. But with a few rare exceptions, Sam and Roscoe’s is surprisingly, easily accommodating. Even on Friday and Saturday nights, we often have a table waiting, just for you. As you are escorted to the perfect table for your dinner companion or companions, you suddenly realize that you are embarking on an experience that you have never had west of the capital.

"Sam & Rosco's is the best restaurant in the area for
wonderful service and exquisite food and atmosphere!" -Joey J
"Excellent! Always a treat to dine at Sam and Rosco's Never a disappointment Awesome food and dinning experience A great place for anything from a special occasions to a night out! Must try!!!!!!" -Dana W.
"Wonderful, wonderful experience. Front the front door to the check…everybody was so very nice, informative and the food was superb. The decor was on point and complimentary to the restaurant theme. Just love it! I have told all my friends and when family is in town, Sam and Rosco's is our meeting place for good food, good wine and great conversation." -TD H.

More than 30 years ago, Sam and Rosco were helping bring the finest flavors from around the world to the heart of Atlanta. But simultaneously, they both wondered why they felt the need to travel to downtown Atlanta, day in and day out, to serve the finest international cuisine to people who were quite often from the same areas as they were. Today, Sam & Rosco's tops the charts in nearly any set of local Italian Restaurants, but they are definitely more than just a fine Italian Restaurant. Though you will find a goodly number of their menu items on Italian-only menus, you will also discover that a great portion of Sam & Rosco’s exquisite cuisine, including many of the most popular dishes, finds their heritage in many different, unique, Eurasian locales. Sam & Rosco’s upscale vibe along, with a fantastic menu, is sure to win your heart, and delight your taste buds, every single time.