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People want to celebrate their memories, and toast their futures, in places that are special to them. For those west of Atlanta, Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant has been a mecca for special memories. Perhaps your Father proposed to your Mother at Sam and Rosco’s. Your Father knew the entire experience would be exquisite, because that’s what you get from Sam and Rosco’s, every single time. Elegance. Class. Charm. Perfection. And now, as they near their 25th wedding anniversary, you want to celebrate their love in the place where their hearts officially intertwined, at Sam and Rosco’s. Though your parents love was young at the time, so was Sam and Rosco’s Douglasville-based Restaurant. And the go-to date night restaurant became a special part of their lives.

When you earn a reputation as the greatest date night restaurant experience west of Atlanta, it’s easy to see why people would want to celebrate all their Special Occasions in your restaurant. Sam and Rosco’s highly expected this when they opened business in Douglasville in 1987. So they had the foresight to prepare for whatever Special Occasions that their esteemed patrons would desire to hold in Douglasville’s most popular date night restaurant, Sam & Rosco’s.

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So regardless of the size of the party you wish to invite to celebrate your parent’s anniversary, whether intimate or large in number, Sam and Rosco’s has exactly what you need to make this night as special is the night when she said “Yes.” Just the immediate family? No problem! Extended family celebration from grandparents to grandkids to celebrate a birthday party, graduation? No problem! Family and friends? Neighbors and Acquaintances? The entire Wedding Party for a rehearsal dinner? Prom Night? Sam and Rosco’s has you covered! Whatever we can do to help make your special occasion even more special, Sam and Rosco’s can accommodate.

We have large tables in our general seating area, but if you need to reserve a private room, you’re in luck! Sam and Rosco’s has two private banquet rooms that can seat up to 72 guests. We are happy to customize our menu to meet the needs of your special event. Go ahead! Get creative! Add appetizers, desserts, bar services, or children’s meals to your package. Who knows, we might even let you modify the menu items to your taste! Just get with Sam or Rosco ahead of time, and we’re sure we can find exactly what you’re looking for. In the meantime, here are two of our most popular packages:

For pricing and detailed information please call 770-949-1195 or 770-598-1388.