private rooms for corporate parties

Corporate Parties

When the housing market crashed, and the national economy took a hard turn, many businesses made corporate events, corporate parties, and holiday get-togethers a thing of the past. Many Metro Atlanta caterers, restaurants, and event planners lost major events due to these corporate cutbacks. Oddly enough, though, one local fine dining establishment didn’t experience the same kind of setback that other restaurants and caterers experienced. That establishment? Yep, you guessed it. Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant in West Metro Atlanta.

Something unique happens when you spend a leisurely, elegant, non-working event with the same people you often spend so much time with. You find out that all the hours spent working towards a common goal has given you an automatic connection. You also discover that everyone reveals so much more of their personality when their nose isn’t firmly affixed to the grindstone. Perhaps they open up more when they have their significant other with them. Either way, you get to enjoy an entirely new side to the very same folks you spend a majority of your waking hours with. Year in and year out, holiday and off-season, scores of Metro Atlanta based businesses of all shapes and sizes make these classic memories with Sam & Rosco’s. And so can your business.

Always charming. Always elegant. Always accommodating. Always the perfect touch of class and simple sophistication, Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant in Douglasville, GA is the perfect place for corporate parties. We have large tables in our general seating area, but if you need to reserve a private room, you’ve come to the right place! Sam and Rosco’s has two private banquet rooms that can seat up to 72 guests. We are happy to customize our menu to meet the needs of your special event. Go ahead! Get creative! We’re open to your intercontinental twists! Add appetizers, desserts, bar services, or children’s meals to your package. Who knows, we might even let you modify the menu items to your taste! Just get with a team member ahead of time, and let us customize a package based on your needs.